Traveling in a Motorhome

Cruise Canada in a motorhome – a life changing experience

One of the most interesting things about traveling is the fact that you can explore new worlds, meet new people and just enjoy the freedom that you simply cannot have at home or at your workplace most of the time. Thankfully, traveling nowadays is very easy and you even have multiple ways to do such a thing. You can either opt to travel via a motorhome and enjoy the country at your own pace, or you can get airplane tickets and accommodate in hotels, then visit the neighboring region.

Out of these two methods, traveling in a motorhome is much more impressive and efficient, since it provides you with a wide range of benefits that you simply need to take full advantage of, benefits that we are going to talk about in this article.

Benefits of traveling in a motorhome:

1. Freedom to choose where you travel

This is one of the main reasons why people choose to travel in a motorhome. The motorhome enables you to choose where you want to go, how much you can stay there and even when you want to travel. If you choose to travel by other means, then you are limited, because you need to book hotel suites, make reservation, not to mention that you will need to deal with more tourists. By traveling with a motorhome no one restricts you when it comes to doing anything, so no matter if you want to go to a certain region or just stand in a single place for the whole duration of your vacation, you can easily do that.

A motorhome brings something that regular travelers just dream of, and that is the ability to make your own decisions in regards to when and how you perform your visits and accommodation.

2. Meeting other travelers on the road

Sure, you can meet other tourists during normal visits in any town, but thanks to travelling in a motorhome you can easily meet travelers on the road and make new friends. This is one of the best ways to enjoy a vacation, since by meeting others you can have parties, visit in larger groups and have more fun in the end.

3. You can park anywhere

This is a major issue when you are enjoying a vacation at a hotel, since towns can be quite hectic when it comes to parking. However, the motorhomes allow you to park literally anywhere in the country as long as it’s permitted, and thus they offer you the ability to stay away from tickets and instead you can enjoy a safe, free parking spot. You can park near a lake, at an RV park or in any other similar place, as there aren’t any restrictions!

4. You save a lot of money

Airplane tickets and hotel room rates can get very costly, and because of that traveling in a motorhome is a cheap, yet very efficient method to go around the country as you travel. The money you save can be spent on visiting multiple places in the country, so it’s a winning situation!

5. You don’t have to use public restrooms

Using a restroom is an issue during travel, and the public ones are the worst since they usually don’t come with too much hygiene. Instead, thanks to a motorhome you will keep a portable restroom that only you will use, something that helps you with your health and personal safety as well.

6. You can bring your own pet in your vacation

Pets aren’t welcomed in hotels, not to mention that traveling with them will bring extra costs most of the time. Thanks to a motorhome, not only they will have a place to stay in during the travel, but you will also be able to keep an eye on them at all times, while also avoiding the steep costs of traveling with a pet.

7. You can cook your own food

Motorhomes bring their own kitchen, so instead of paying lots of money on restaurants during your travels, you can bring or cook your own food while on the go, something that will help you save money, not to mention that home-cooked food is tastier and healthier as well.

8. Getting close to nature

By traveling with a motorhome you will have the ability to park in a camping ground where you can get much closer to nature than in any other way. This is the best way to feel the freedom of traveling with a motorhome, and it’s one of the best things that you can do in order to feel better, relieve the stress from your life and just be happier!

9. You can take anything you want with you

When you travel, you are usually restricted to a certain luggage weight, but you can forget about that if you have a motorhome. You can get as many items as you want with you, and thus you will have a much better time. You can take anything from your grill to clothes, cameras, portable computers or any other items that you might need in order to enjoy your vacation to the fullest.

10. Privacy

No one will know when and where you go, and you won’t be monitored when you enter or exit like in a hotel. Instead, the ability to travel with a motorhome provides you with the much-needed privacy that you do need in such a situation. It’s amazing to travel with such a home, because you are the only master of the trip, and you set the schedule, select the menus and so on.

As you can see, traveling in your motorhome is a safe, reliable and stunning way to enjoy your vacation. A motorhome brings you a ton of benefits, so why pay a lot of money on plane tickets or hotels when you can enjoy the country on the road, like you are supposed to!

Asian Brides – Mail order or online?

I have so much to discuss on this subject!  Being that this is my first post, I’ll have to step slowly through this. . .

I have vast experience in Asia, and more specifically, China.  I traveled all throughout Thailand, S. Korea, Japan, Singapore, and in 2011 landed in China.

I’ve never looked back!  I absolutely love this country and it’s people.  Well, more specifically, the women.

I have so much to discuss about this, but first, let’s talk about how to find an Asian woman.  I think that this is the single most difficult thing to do, especially to find one that isn’t trying to take money from you.

No doubt you could head over to one of the popular sites like asiafriendfinder or one of the many other ones just like it, but there’s one company based in Canada that I took particular interest in, Real Asian Brides. Not only did this dude travel there and marry a Chinese woman, but prior to that he tried all these different websites out and confirmed all kinds of scam crap going on!  Kudos to him, and what an incredible story.  Check them out.  I’ve sent him an invitation to come visit me the next time he’s in China.  It would be my honor.

Aside from the folks over at Real Asian Brides, the only other way that I think you’ll find a quality woman here is by actually coming here and spending a longer period of time.  Like 6 months minimum.  I know that’s basically impossible from a work standpoint, but otherwise it will be very difficult to meet the right girls.  You can come here blindly for a week or two, and you’ll have lots of available ‘party girls’ and if that’s what floats your boat, so be it.  But to meet a girl worthy of marrying, you need to get into her network of friends and family.

And that takes time.

There’s good reason why so many men fantasize about them.  But they certainly aren’t just little trophies to be put on display for awhile, and shoved into the back cupboard when you start on a new ‘sport.’  These ladies make fantastic mates in every way imaginable!

Number one, they place a huge value on family.  No matter what happens, keep the family happy.  She will always strive to keep the man happy.  You’ve probably heard the saying “the way to a mans heart is through his stomach?”  Chinese wives are always happy to cook for their man and the children.  They are happy to raise a family.  They’re value systems are so different from what I grew up with, and from friends around me.

Number two.  They will never put you down or make you lose face in public or in front of guests.  How many of you have had a woman trash talk you while you’re sitting in front of your friends?  I have been, and it’s a pretty shitty thing to have happen.  Your Chinese bride will never do this to you.  She will instead smile, hold your hand, and just agree with whatever the topic was.  She will then bring it up when you are alone, to discuss her feelings and view point.

Just because they’re quiet and gentle little creatures doesn’t mean you can push them around or demean them.  Far from it!  They can be feisty little things that will let you know exactly how they feel about things!  But in a very different manner.

For instance.  I was out at a KTV (karaoke bar) with group of friends and brought a sweet little gal along with me.  She seemed to be having a good time, and as the booze flowed (into me) I began to get a little too forward with my actions.  I totally meant it in fun, and it wasn’t until we were back at my apartment that she unleashed her feelings about how I was being disrespectful to my friends by being too forward!

Now notice it was about how my friends would feel; not about how it made her feel.  This is the part that is so difficult to explain and something that I’ve never heard from a western girlfriend.  for them it was all about how they felt and they didn’t give a rats butt about how or what my friends were thinking.

Watch for further posts, I have lots to write about!